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Bruce CFP & Stuart Senior Apprentice


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Bruce CFP & Stuart Senior Apprentice

Bruce Barton is now a certified farrier practitioner (CFP). Completing his Apprenticeship he is now qualified as a NZ Farrier and will be competing in the open classes of the Farrier competitions nationally and internationally. We congratulate Bruce on completing his CFP and apprenticeship.

Whilst Stuart Callow has also taken a huge step up moving from Junior to Senior Apprentice classes now. Stuart is a great asset to the team and is showing he is one to watch in the future.

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It is nice of you as you informing us that Bruce Barton which is now a certified farrier practitioner and he is now competent as a NZ Farrier and will be opposing in the open classes of the Farrier competitions nationally and internationally.

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Love reading here about Bruce Barton who is now a certified farrier practitioner and now qualified as a NZ Farrier and will be challenging in the open lessons of the Farrier rivalries nationally and internationally.

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