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One of My Farrier's super client's Danni Lodder riding Moochi (owned by Petra Easton) took out the title of 3* Kihikihi this weekend. For more information on this super team and their superb win go to: 
Another amazing rider Donna Smith and great team around her are clients of My Farrier came home with 3rd and 4th respectively in the 3* and also 5th in the 1* + 3rd in pre novice.
Marcel enjoys working with these top level competitors and clients, from their grooms, to owners plus family and friends as the whole network around them are supportive and professional. These two riders have got what it takes and Marcel looks forward to supporting them all the way to the top and internationally. Very proud moment for My to be a part of both these teams.
To note after the XC phase of Kihikihi My Farrier clients in the 3* we placing: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th which was a super feeling that all horses had done a fabulous job around the XC course and come home happy! Unfortuantely a fall to one of the riders in another level took her of the end results after the SJ so Marcel had clients place as follows:
Waipa Home of Champions CIC3*: Dannie Lodder (South Auckland) Moochi 60.4 1, Simon Gordon (Karaka) 63.4 2, Donna Smith (Te Kauwhata) Balmoral Tangolooma (owned by Sim Kann, Gaye McClunie and Graham Smith) 71 3, Donna Smith (Te Kauwhata) Britannica MVNZ (owned by Caroline Jolley and Wendy Keddell) 78.3 4, Monica Oakley (Waipukurau) Fontain 84 5, Sarah Broughton (Mystery Creek) Rockhill Rocket 95.7 6.


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