My Farrier NZ - Your specialist in Equine Hoof Care
The My Farrier NZ Business has been built and developed by Marcel Veart-Smith CFP ASF.  Marcel has ensured the business has foundations that are strong on reliability, communication and workmanship.
The team is currently expanding and we look forward to the future developments so watch this space! For now the team is as below:
(certified farrier practitioner & advanced skilled farrier)

Marcel has ridden professionally since the age of 14 years. Needless to say he was good and has represented NZ Eventing in Hong Kong, Japan, UK & France.
Returning from the UK he followed his dream of becoming a farrier.  He now competes nationally and internationally in farriery. Marcel provides a whole new level of farrier service to people with horses. He can offer the understanding of a professional rider/owner, the knowledge of a farrier practitioner and the skill of a blacksmith. Its a whole new vision and aspect to being your farrier. 

Stuart is now in his second year with the My Farrier team and is showing great enthusiasm and strength for being a future farrier already. Stuart has now stepped up and is beginning this year in the Senior Apprentice classes in the 2013/14 competition circuits. He is currently doing a wonderful job with horses and looks set to be another great farrier.

Scoobie is Marcel's best friend and loyal companion keeping the team well entertained and full of smiles during the day! Scoobie has pride of place in the ute next to Stuart, however prefers Bruce's spot in the front! He will be at most jobs and if allowed.  Scoobie is friendly, enjoys children and other dogs - umm and water. We cannot promise you will not find Scoobie doing laps of your pond, bath tub or trough - he is trying to qualify for the olympics!
If you would like to become a farrier or you would like to pop down to the Dairy Flat Forge or come for a day of work experience please contact Marcel at 
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